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How does the deluxe sample collection discount work ?

When you place an order for the Deluxe Sample Collection, you will be provided with a discount code packed with your order that you can apply against your next order of a 75 ml product from our website.  This offer is only valid for US and Canadian customers.

Do you test on animals ?

None of our products are tested on animals.  Also they contain no animal ingredients.   In fact, we are animal lovers at Ineke LLC, especially our dogs.

Do you still sell your floral curiosities collection ?

Sadly our limited edition Floral Curiosities collection of Angel's Trumpet, Briar Rose, Poet's Jasmine, Scarlet Larkspur and Sweet William is sold out.  You might find some at our partner stores, ebay or

Why do fragrances smell different on different people?

It is all about body chemistry.  Oily skin retains fragrances longer while dry skin allows them to evaporate more quickly.  For people with oily skin, you should consider a lighter application of fragrance or a lighter style of scent.  If you have dry skin, you should try a stronger fragrance.

What is the difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette or cologne?

Eau de parfum is more concentrated, which means it gives a bigger scent impression and lasts longer.  Ineke fragrances are all eaux de parfums.

Where do you obtain your inspirations for each perfume?

In general, inspirations come from life experiences.  Having lived a rather nomadic existence in Europe, Canada and the US, I've picked up lots of interesting ideas, skills and best practices from around the world.  These experiences are merged with inspirations from my day-to-day life, my love for design and literature, and my small garden of scented plants, in the creation of my "fragrance stories".

Do you have any tips on how to chose a new scent ?

The simplest answer is the best one:  choose a perfume that appeals to you.  Each person's sense of smell is unique.  Not only do we smell things differently, we also have visceral reactions to scents based on the associations and memories they evoke.  Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.  So, trust your instincts, but also leave open the possibility of acquired taste.  If you're not sure, give a scent a chance by sampling it on several different occasions.

Always try a fragrance on skin before buying it, so that you can see how it reacts with your own body chemistry, and allow at least 30 minutes for the scent to develop before making a final decision.  Although some people swear by the idea of finding a single signature fragrance, there's a danger of falling into the fragrance equivalent of a blue-eyeshadow time warp, and it's so much more fun to have a rotating fragrance wardrobe from which to choose!

Our Deluxe Sample Collection is designed to help you choose a new fragrance and obtain a discount of $15 when you come back to our website to buy a full-sized fragrance.

I own a retail store, how do I carry your collection ?

Please send information about your store and contact information to  Thank you!

Where are INeKE perfumes made ?

Our perfumes are made in the USA.

Which of your fragrances are for women and which are for men ?

I believe that all fragrances should in principle be unisex, worn by either men or women based on their personal preferences.  After My Own Heart, Balmy Days & Sundays, Evening Edged in Gold, Gilded Lily and Hothouse Flower are purchased more often by women.  Derring-Do was designed specifically for men, although I'm happy to say that a fair number of women have claimed it as their own.  Chemical Bonding, Field Notes from Paris and Idyllwild are unisex and equally popular among men
and women.  I personally recommend trying our Deluxe Sample Collection then chose your favorite(s).

Do our perfumes contain phthalates ?

Ineke personally develops all her fragrances using the highest quality ingredients.  They do not contain preservatives, stabilizers, parabens or phthalates.  With all of our ingredients, we are careful to follow the strict IFRA standards and the European cosmetics guidelines.

Can I place an order other than through this site ?

Yes, you are welcome to send an email to with your phone number and we'll call you back, or call us at (415) 661-6780.

Do you provide free samples ?

We have our award-winning Deluxe Sample Collection that you can purchase from our website. When you purchase either sample collection, you'll receive a coupon code that you can use for a reduction in price of a future 75 ml purchase from our website. This offer is only valid for the US and Canada.    

How should I store my perfume ?

Avoid exposing your perfume to too much heat or light. If your perfume collection is in a bright room, put each perfume bottle back in its original box to protect it. The ideal place to store fragrances is in a refrigerator if you have room - that is how the professionals at perfume houses store their collections.

Are Ineke products compliant with California SB484, EU Cosmetics Directive and IFRA guidelines?

Yes, Ineke products conform to SB 484, the California Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005, the EU Cosmetics Directive formulation standards and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines for safe usage of fragrant components and essential oils in perfumes.

Where do I find reviews or articles about your perfumes?

There are a number of websites that have reviewed our fragrances. Ca Fleure Bon, Fragrantica, Basenotes, Now Smell This, Undina Looking Glass, many youtube reviews, etc.

Can you ship internationally?

Shipping internationally is more expensive but we can do it. You can either send an email to with the products that interest you and your address, or you can use a service like MyUS Shopping that organizes international shipping from US online stores.